Mechanical Projects

Design and Construction of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Energy Scavenging from Vibrations

Windmill Pump

Gear Box Analysis

Maximum Thermal Dissipation

Electric Lawn Mover

Micro Electric Urban Vehicle

Wheel Chair Controller

Auto Gear Shifting For Bicycle

Cavitation Jet Erosion Test

Designing and fabrication of an air conditioner

Weld Steel using lasor

Land Mine Detection

Implementation of dynamic actuators

A high performance cooling System using cellular pads

Flow boiling for R134a

High speed rotating shafts

Design and Manufacturing of Safety Hand Crank Mechanism

Design of Heat Exchanger for a Steel Plant

Modelling of DFIG and Variable speed windmill suitable for transient stability studies

Implementation of Six Sigma in an Industry

Automation of steel hardening process using PLC programming

Design and Fabrication of Electric and hybrid vehicle

Cooling Load Calculation

Study of the effect of various operating parameters in performance of four stroke spark ignition engine

Reduction of Stress Concentration Factor of an Axially Loaded Finite Plate with Circular Hole

Energy Auditing of a steel Re-rolling mill

A working model of Heat Pipe

Design and Development of Incubator cum Hatcher

Solar Car Lift Jack

Solar Power Systems

Residential Distributed Energy System

Optimal Design of a Competition Bicycle Frame

Design of an Ultra light rotary engine


Sun Tracker

Solar Chimney

Drinking water from ocean water
Lean Manufacturing flow graph
Lean Manufacturing

RC Planes

Wave energy Converter

Solar Powered Bird Scarer

Pedal Powered Water Pump

Hydraulic Clock

Spherical Solar Energy Cells

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Candle Light Powered Fan

Electronic Fuel Injection System
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